Logo Coupe de la Jeunesse 2022

Become a volunteer:

Among the needs to carry out a sporting event of this type is to have a team of volunteers who facilitate the development of the event to all the participants in it, from the athletes to the attending public. That is why we invite everyone who may be interested to sign up as a volunteer for this event that will be held for the first time in Galicia.

We will integrate:

  • 21 volunteers between the ages of 9 and 18 who know how to swim for the functions of
    “Pontonero”. His mission will be to hold the boats by the stern at the start and help their alignment, as well as to place and keep the “finger” of each fairway in its place.

They will be subdivided into three teams of seven volunteers. Two of these teams will be on the departure jetty while the third will be resting on land and will rotate from time to time.

  • 25 Volunteers over 18 years of age for the functions of access/ticket control, information, attendance at prize-giving events and other tasks to be carried out in the Nautical Park grounds.

Knowledge of languages, especially English, having good communication skills and experience in sporting events and customer service, as well as knowing the region of O Ribeiro will be valued.


The opportunity to participate in the event that will catalog the Castrelo de Miño track, to host international rowing and canoeing events at the same level as Bañolas and Seville, to participate in an event that was held last year in Linz (Austria ) and next year in Amsterdam (Holland), to live with elite athletes of your age, the most important rowing competition, in the Junior category worldwide.

The key team of this event is the volunteers, the development of the test at an operational level will depend on this entire team, with this premise, the effort of the organization, the rowing federations and the institutions, will be the maximum with the volunteer team, for which we will provide:

– Prior training on the tasks and functions to be performed.
– Exclusive uniform of the event.
– A coordinator for each group of volunteers.
– Maintenance in the official tent-dining room of the event.
– Rest room.
– Gift of memory and gratitude.